Ladies Fashion

Click on photos to view details!

Double-breasted Button Dress | RM40 Now: RM32!

Two-tone Chiffon Dress | RM40 Now: RM32!

Polka-dot Cute Dress | RM40 Now: RM32!

Lotus Sleeve White Top | RM35 Now: RM25!

V-Neck Empire Cut Maxi Dress | RM55 Now: RM40!

Stripey Casual Maxi Dress | RM35 Now: RM45!Baggy Hip Low Waist Pants | RM30 Now: RM25!

Ruffled Button-down Short Pants | RM35 Now: RM25!

Circus-print 3 Way Bag | RM55 Now: RM45!

1-piece Casual Pant Suit | RM45 Now: RM38!

Braided Tote Bag | RM50 Now: RM40!

Braided Half Moon Sling Bag | RM50 Now: RM40!

Shinny Legging | RM33 Now: RM25!

Ruffled Sleeve Cardigan | RM33 Now: RM28!

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